Mizuno M-Craft: the putter family expands

Last February (before things got out of hand), Mizuno surprised with 3 new putter models; the M-Craft. With few options available (a single length of 34 inches, a single type of grip) but a weight box allowing to adjust the head weight according to the speed of the greens, the success was not long in coming. It is therefore that at the end of the year the brand reiterates, and announces 3 new models; the IV, the V and the VI. Overview of these newcomers.

Larger heads

From I to VI, the higher the number, the wider the putter’s head is. The version IV is a bit thicker while version V is a larger mallet than III. Finally version VI is a “fang” style model like Odyssey.

M.CRAFT IV is a slant neck deep square back putter with moderate toe-hang to suit players with a moderate putting arc. M.CRAFT V is a slant neck toe-heel deep mallet with maximum toe-hang to suit a strongly arcing stroke. M.CRAFT VI is a face-balanced wing mallet offering slightly more weight and stability for players with a straight back and through stroke.

The same characteristics as the first 3.

For the rest, everything is practically the same. All putters are forged and milled from a 1025 carbon steel compound. The shaft is the same (a KBS) and the grip is a standard size Lamkin with a blue string and a Mizuno logo on it.

Like the first 3 versions, a weight kit will allow you to adjust the weight of the head according to the speed of the greens and your preferences.

Finally for each of the variations, 3 colors are available; Mizuno blue, silver and black. Users of the silver version have often commented that the putter tends to shine a little brighter when the sky is completely clear.

The IV, V and VI putters from all angles.

Available on February 4, 2021, the 3 newcomers will be at the cost of their elders at € 299.

With this announcement I am delighted not to have fallen for a model III and can’t wait to try the V see the VI, which will correspond more to my club path. On the other hand, some early year buyers change their club after trying these new versions, thus creating a second hand market?

And which version would you go for? Leave me your answer in the comments.

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