First Look on the New Mizuno M-Craft Putters

When you think about changing your putter, Mizuno is not the first brand you go to. Yet, once a decade more or so, the Japanese brand (re) embarks on the adventure. In 2020, Mizuno arrives with a brand new line of forged putter: the M-Craft.

3 head shapes, 3 colors available and much more

The common specifications

Before talking about variations, you should know that M-craft are forged, like most Mizuno irons, and therefore a technique the brand masters. Everybody knows that nothing feels like a (forged) Mizuno. Then the head is milled using a calibrated machine.

Each of the heads weighs 355 grams. By default, 2 weights of 8 grams are screwed into the putter sole. With each putter a box containing 2 sets of weights and a key allows you to adjust the weight of the putter according to the speed of the green. If the greens are fast, you can remove the weights of 8 grams and add those of 3 grams. However, if they are slow, the two 13-gram weights included in the box can be added.

Kit de poids pour les putter m-craft

Each head is available in 3 different colors; white satin, black ion and blue ion color; the brand’s signature color.


As for the rest, all the putters in the range are only available 34 inches in length with a Lamkin Deep Etched blue rope grip.

Grip and headcover m-craft
Grip and headcover m-craft

M-Craft 1

This blade putter with a toe hang balance is intended for players with a very pronounced putting arc.

M-Craft 2

Slightly narrower in head, this balance putter with balance in the middle of the head is intended for players with a less pronounced putting arc.

M-Craft 3

Finally, the last is a mallet face-balanced putter for players looking for stability and having a straight putting bow.

Why not more options?

Contacted by email, Mizuno confirmed that the choice limitation was wanted. Indeed, not coming out of putter on a regular basis, the brand wanted to take market temperature and wait for the return of golfers. For the moment the demand is much higher than they had imagined. Therefore, it may very soon be that other length and grip options will be available.

Price and availability

Displayed at 299 euros, the price is very competitive compared to market leaders such as Toulon Design or Scotty Cameron. In addition you benefit from Mizuno quality. On the look side, their simplicity makes them simply stunning. It only remains to wait until February 14 to find out if you change your putter. Unless you decide that your partner needs to change putter …

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