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Are you already a golf blogger or teacher or working in the golf industry and you have a passion for the game and want to share it? So join bogeymag.com and make your contribution to promoting golf.

Who is Bogeymag?

Bogeymag was born in order to talk about golf differently: Old Game, New Generation and Golf Culture. Codes must be broken while respecting tradition. On the other hand the game must evolve and attract a public other than the one that the public opinion serves us.

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How does the golf blogger program work?

Although quality must be at the rendezvous on all publications, there is no need to be a professional writer to participate. The goal is to share your passion. Whether you are a beginner, enlightened amateur or a professional player you have your place on this site.

The goal is to create a community that sees golf as a secular game but with a modern vision.

The benefits of participating in a golf blog:

  • Increase your personal awareness with increasing exposure
  • Build your personal and professional credibility in the world of golf by sharing your bio and your contact information
  • Increase your golf network
  • More products in tests that you can keep

The more important the golf blogger community is, the more proven you are, you will be able to receive products to test from brands.

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