Preview: The Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putters are reaching Europe!

Released last August only in the United States, the Huntington Beach Soft Premier putters are only observable through Twitter, thanks to certain US blogs, which had the opportunity to get them in their hands.

But Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft and Soft Premier land in Europe. And I tell you why you have to fall for these putters.

Not just a different finish

By using again the SOFT technology (Speed ​​Optimized Face Technology) of the Huntington Beach Soft allowing to standardize the speed of the putts on the whole surface, the Premier version is distinguished by a satin gray finish giving this much cleaner appearance than the previous version in light gray, metal look. And at the same time, less glare on the greens.

The Soft Premier collection also has 2 different grips. For light or strong arched club paths, the recommended grip option is the Lamkin SINKFIT skinny pistol. It will be combined with a weight distributed in the head of the putter, to facilitate the rotation of the head. On the other hand, if your club path is straighter, the larger SINKFIT Pistol will be more suitable.

Regarding the name, the larger the number, the more the head “thickens”. Number 3 is almost a blade putter with very small profile while number 14 has a wide head and a centered putter axle for players with a very straight club path.

From number 8, you can find “face-balanced” putters. For players with a very straight arc and seeking a neutral balance in contact, the choice is very wide without switching to a mallet putter.

Finally, all models will be available in 3 lengths: 33, 34, and 35 inches.

Why so much buzz for these putters?

When the Huntington Soft were released, the surprise was complete. You could get a putter with a machined face for 150 euros. Now you can get the Premier version for the same price. And if you don’t know which version to choose, you can always buy 2 (even 3?) and it will cost you less than a new Toulon Design for example.

At 149 euros per putter in the premier collection, you will have to wait until March 21 to add them to the bag.

Huntington Beach Soft Premier: Photos from every angle.

Here are all the pictures of all the models available from different angles.

The model 3

The model 4

The model 8

From Model 8 and up, Huntington Beach Soft Premier putters are “face-balanced”. When held with both hands, the clubface points up. To be preferred if you have a straight club path.

The model 10.5

This mallet version of the Huntington Beach Soft Premier is available either with the shaft on the end of the putter head or with a centered shaft (10.5C).

The model 11

The 11 is available in 2 versions. with a straight shaft with hosel (11S) or curved. Of type “fang” (crocs), it will be easy for some to pick up their ball on the putting green.

The model 14

With the larger head, this model is like the 8, 10.5 and 11 intended for players with a straight club path. Its 370 gram head is as heavy as the 11.

It is true that this is only a preview. I can’t wait to have one in my hands to feel how soft the touch is, and the ball roll is a change from my Odyssey 2-ball which is almost 20 years old now!

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