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(ENDED) Ben & Flo Giveaway: 1 vintage golf bag to win.

After discovering vintage sporting goods artisans Ben & Flo in the blog pages, it’s time to answer 2 questions to win a vintage golf bag.

In start-up mode in the garage, the couple starts off slowly and at their own pace. The goal is to produce quality. Their premise is simple. Renovate vintage sporting goods, and make them when products run out.
With articles on golf and also rugby, basketball and even football, you get a quality item that rivals the biggest brands.

Of course, everything is handmade and the attention to detail is extreme. Besides, their goal is to always do better. With continued investment, the company grows at its own pace without losing sight of its values.

Now that you know what they do, you’ll definitely be able to answer these two questions to enter the draw to win a vintage golf bag.

This raffle is organized in collaboration with BirdyTouch and BogeyMag.

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