Masters 2020: what’s in the loser’s bag ?

Every week, as soon as the weekly tournament is over, all golf medias tend to share with you the winner’s bag. How interesting to know that the winner used custom golf clubs with extra stiff shafts. For sure it’s going to make a huge difference to know that for your next week-end round or your next visit at the golf shop. To counterbalance, I decided to introduce to you; the loser’s bag. This time, we look at the Masters 2020 and what kind of clubs you need to not make the cut. Spoiler alert: surprisingly, they are the same golf clubs as the winner. Does it mean that you need to change your clubs right now?

What’s in Jason Day’s bag?

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well for Jason Day during the Masters’ week. With a first round of 70, hope was still there. But the second round wiped everything off when 7 bogeys and a double for only 3 birdies. Jason Day did not make the cut.

However, he uses the same brand as this year Masters’ winner Dustin Johnson.

DriverTaylorMade SIM Max
3-woodTaylorMade SIM
5-woodTaylorMade SIM Max
UtilityTaylorMade P790 UDI
IronsTaylorMade P760
WedgesTaylorMade Milled Grind 2, 50°, 54°, 60°
PutterTaylorMade Spider Red
BallsTaylorMade TP5x

So what are the differences with Dustin Johnson ?

Not that many. Both are using the same golf balls and same putter. The brand new range of woods and driver, are in the bag too.

It may be a disappointment for you. But the gear is not making the difference here. Only the player will. Certainly, it can make the player more confortable in apprehending such an event, but that’s it. So when this week you will visit your favorite fitter, you may think about the swing plane, instead of replacing your 2-year old driver.

PS: I have nothing to hold against Jason Day. I am just using his misfortune and the fact that he plays the same brand as Dustin Johnson.

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