twirl golf neoprene headcover

Twirl Golf: from a surfing wetsuit to a headcover

In Bordeaux, Matthieu Barbe has been playing golf for the last 15 years. Passionate about the sea, one day he wonders what to do with his old surfing wetsuit. The idea is catching on. What if these wetsuits could have a second life? After 2 years in the thinking and testing, the first headcovers are born, thanks to upcycling. Today, Twirl will produce its first models and wants to deliver its first customers after a just-started crowdfunding campaign.

Headcovers made from neoprene

The inside of the head cover is made from a surfing wetsuit. Previously washed, an adult surf suit can help make 3 to 4 accessories.

While upcycling, he uses the neoprene in wetsuits as the basis for his headcovers. With 32 tons of neoprene discarded per year in France, due to a lack of recycling circuit, Matthieu has enough material for his headcovers.

For the outdoors, and to meet printing and durability needs, a recycled, slightly waterproofed fabric is used.

Everything is assembled at ESAT Saint Joseph near Bordeaux, which employs people with disabilities, for a pop and very colorful result.

So, by harvesting the wetsuits and assuring the assembly in the same region, Twirl minimizes the environmental impact of production.

At launch, 3 models will be available and in 3 different colors. The backers will have to choose the colors once the campaign will be over. In fact, to ensure that Twirl is not just a passing dream, Matthieu launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure the continuity of the brand. A future makes more accessories on the same principle of upcycling but also the launch of an online store.

A crowdfunding campaign for early birds

Crowdfunding mechanisms are simple. In exchange for an amount, you receive a counterpart.

On the Ulule page you can choose to either buy one of the 3 models separately: driver, fairway or hybrid wood, or all 3 in one bundle. And if you really want to support the upcycling economy and the fact that this is a local production, you can indulge in the Twirl Delight or the Twirl Experience. These two packages guarantee you much more than 3 headcovers. For details, check the crowdfunding page.

Launched on April 7, 2021, the campaign’s target is currently set at 100 sold products.
You have until May 7 to support a project that reuses what has already been worn out to offer you a brand-new product.

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