Overview of the Combo Iron Set Inesis 900

Inesis brings the combo set back to life with the new 900 irons. A forged set that gives pride of place to the best of both worlds; precision on open clubs and tolerance and consistency on the most closed clubs. Here is the overview of these new forged irons from the French brand. In addition to their affordable price, new wedges are also added to the collection.

2 years of designing for the best of all worlds

2 years in the making

In 2008, Inesis released the TD 900 iron set, then it went mostly quiet until 2019 when the 500 set was released, Those entry-level clubs meets their success, thanks to limited fitting options to satisfy the greatest number of golfers.

After 2 years of conception , the brand returns with a iron set for advanced players: the Inesis 900 combo. A clever mix of forged and molded to guarantee an equal performance whichever the club you play.

The basic set (from Pitching Wedge to 5) includes 2 iron “profiles”. For the PW, 9 iron and 8 iron, these are forged blades for better control. From 7 to 5, the profile is wider and only the face is forged. With more tolerance, the player will find the same touch feeling as on more open clubs. Finally, the 3 and 4 which are available separately at 140 euros each, we use the same recipe with an even wider profile. Thus, the longer irons are called “utility” irons.

All the irons have a “poly mirror” finish which may mark a return to iron covers because this finish will be such a magnet for snags and clashes in the bag.

For shafts, there are limited choices but for most of us, it’s way enough. For slow swing speeds, a Recoil graphite shaft will be available while for faster swing speeds only the Nippon brand option will be available. (see below for more details)

Last detail in the personalization department, it will be possible to choose in 2 grip sizes.

Technical Specifications

To go into more detail, here are the tables showing the different characteristics of the full set.

Loft and Shaft Lengths

Inesis chose to laser write the lofts on each club for the sake of transparency. Or to avoid acting like the market leaders who always “close” their angles every time a little bit more.
For comparison, the Callaway Apex Mixed Combo 7 Iron is 30.5 degrees (32 for the Inesis 900 Combo).

loft, lengths and details of the Inesis 900



Detailed Shaft options

3 options of shafts available depending on your swing speed:

  • SHAFT GRAPHITE RECOIL 460 ESX F2 for swing speeds below 112 km / h to iron 7) from PW to 3 iron.
  • SHAFT STEEL NIPPON 850GH Regular (R1-W17 PRO): for swing speeds between 112 and 131 km / h at 7 iron on irons and wedges
  • SHAFT STEEL NIPPON SHAFT 1050GH Stiff (SI-R15 PRO S) for fast swing speeds over 131 km / h with iron 7).

Photos: the Inesis 900 iron set from every angle

While waiting to see them in the flesh, here are some pictures to explore the set under every angle.

Options and availability

Several options are possible to match the largest number of golfers. They are based on swing speed (you may have understood that now) and the distance between the wrist and the ground when standing up with your arms along your body.

Most Decathlon stores with a simulator will be the ideal candidate to advise you on the options available. After a brief warm-up and measuring the distance of your wrist from the ground, all that’s left is to measure your swing speed. A few tens of minutes are enough to be “fitted”.

At this point, this is only a preview. Such clubs must be tried on. Decathlon will be providing a demo kit in certain stores from mid-May. The first customers should receive their clubs early June. On the goof note, the clubs are assembled in France and on demand to prevent the surplus from gathering dust and being more expensive to store than anything else.

Bonus: The New Wedges

In addition to the new set, 4 wedges will be available for medium or fast swing speeds. In other words, no graphite shaft for the wedges.

Available in 48, 52, 56 and 58 degrees, at 100 € each, they will complete your iron set while keeping consistency.

Should we fall for clubs from a French brand, assembled in France?

Beyond the fact that Inesis reconnects with advanced players by offering them golf clubs for their game and that the brand is French, we must admit that having forged irons (from 5 to PW) for 690 € is a luxury that you can’t find anywhere else.

Inesis is innovative and proves to the industry that it is possible to play forged irons without without breaking the bank. Of course they may need us to spread the word. That’s the only extra cost you’ll have to pay.

So should we fall for the new Inesis 900 set? If after trying it you like the touch, there is no shame in indulging yourself “on the cheap”. Tell yourself that you won’t be the only one.

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