True Spec, the American fitter settles in the Paris region.

The American fitting specialist is expanding its hold and settling in Europe. In partnership with Doma golf, you can find a studio in the following regions; Geneva, Munich and “Paris”, well close by. So, who is behind TrueSpec? What you’ll find in their studio and how to benefit from their expertise?

Who is TrueSpec?

For those who read Golf Digest or Golf Magazine in English, you have surely seen the name True Spec appears when these publications wrote about fitting. Indeed, the brand regularly appears at the top of fitter rankings. And not because the company was acquired by Howard Milstein in 2018 who also owns 8AM, but for his know-how and professionalism. For reference, the holding company owns the Nicklaus companies, Golf Magazine (American version),, Miura the golf club manufacturer, or even GolfLogix, the famous golf GPS.

Founded in 2014, the brand owns 25 studios around the world. Their fitting matrix makes it possible to have more than 35,000 combinations of club heads available. Enough to find the perfect combination of clubs.

The True Spec studio in France

Where’s the studio?

The studio is ideally located in Yvelines between Feucherolles golf course and Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche. We are quite far from Paris, but very close to a lot of golfers.

The French studio will use Trackman technology and will also include a putting studio. Finally, to complete the fitting chain, the studio is equipped with a blueprint station, and machines to modify the lie and loft of the clubs.

With such equipment you can get fit on new clubs or retrofit on your old clubs.
Of course, such a display of technology comes at a cost.

The cost of a fitting at True Spec

One type of fitting€150
Combo fitting €180
Full bag without putter€200
Full bag with putter €350

Interested? You can already make an appointment by filling out the online form here (English only).

If you’ve ever had a full fit with them, tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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