Reduce your carbon footprint with, a utopia?

Playing with your own equipment when you go on a golf trip is a must. Especially since as a simple amateur, the adaptation to new gear can take time. But when you fly with your golf bag, there are always risks. Beyond the material considerations, there is the environmental aspect. Admittedly we still fly, but if all golfers did not take their 15-kilo bags in the cargo hold, would not their individual carbon footprint be reduced? Club rental services are growing more and more and their offerings are more relevant to the picky consumers we are. Should you leave your golf bag at home and choose a service like to reduce your carbon footprint?

Reduce on-board weight

The heavier an aircraft, the more fuel it consumes. Even if efforts are made to consume less fuel, aviation is responsible for 3% of CO2 emissions worldwide and 12% of emissions relating to transport.
A golf bag weighs approximately 15 kilos. The weight varies depending on the clubs (steel or graphite) or the transport case. With the development of, you can have clubs in 25 destinations around the globe. In fact, the company hired nearly 58,000 sets in 2019. Basically, this saved the equivalent of 2 Boeing 747s in weight.

You will tell me, that is a lot of figures. Indeed, but by leaving the bag at home, you carry less weight, consume less and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

Other example of a reduced on-board weight

In 2014, American Airlines obtained authorization from the FAA to replace flight manuals with iPads. The aim was to reduce fuel consumption by replacing flight manuals weighing up to 15 kilos per plane by tablets weighing less than 2 kilos. In the span of a year, the company saved $ 1.2 million and 1.5 million liters of fuel!

This gives a very clear idea of what can represent all the golf bags travelling around the globe every year.

On the other hand and despite the options presented by rental companies like, there are a few options missing to be perfect.

Pros and Cons


  • No more worries (breakage, theft, transport and damage)
  • Possibility to try new things
  • New equipment
  • Without the fuss


  • Difficulty adapting
  • Limited customization (only the flexibility of the shafts)
  • Composition of the bag imposed
  • Extra accessories

By opting for a club rental service, you don’t have to worry anymore. You take it out of the airport and drop it off when you return. In addition you can play with almost new clubs and therefore try new equipment.
However, for “oversized” players, the need to have slightly more personalized clubs are inevitable. For instance with thicker grips, a lie or longer shafts (… or shorter for that matter). Finally, adapting to new clubs over a short period can be painful. Remember how long it took you to get used to your new iron set!

To sum up, this service has undeniable advantages both in terms of logistics and  environment. On the other hand, I would find it hard to do without my 4 RAZR Fit XTreme wood in stiff with a grip + 3 layers … After all if it’s only about exploring the routes why not?

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