Nicolas Bykoff

Ecrire sur le golf ? Pourquoi pas ? Cela fait plus de 20 ans que je joue au golf. Et après avoir fait des stages d'arbitrages, obtenu ma licence d'agent de joueur, et avoir travaillé pendant trois ans en tant que commissaire de parcours, je m'octroie la légitimité d'écrire sur le golf.

The best golf writers in English

écrivains auteur golf

Golf is not just about the course. The experience continues with words. Whether in magazines (rare today), in books, on the web via blogs like this one or on X (formerly Twitter), enthusiasts of beautiful phrasing extend our golf journey with words. Obviously, there are a plethora of Anglo-Saxon authors, …

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TIKEDEN: eco-designed golf clothing made in France


Tikeden, freshly launched on the networks and a crowdfunding platform by Jean-Guillaume Le Biez, offers a range of eco-designed polo shirts, socks and sweaters produced in France. A risky bet but one that echoes a generation that wants more. After the Wolfe polo shirts, and the headcovers of Twirl golf …

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Vans Golf Shoes ? Do It Yourself

vans golf shoes

You are in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, but nothing fits your taste. The Nike collection does not make you want too much. The Ecco S Three look really nice, but a bit pricey. Come to think of it, you get the impression that because it …

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Wait ! What ? BogeyMag has a store ?

the shop is open

Depuis quelques jours, vous avez pu apercevoir un “caddie” avec le mot boutique juste à sa gauche dans le menu à travers tout le site. Alors c’est quoi cette boutique et qu’est-ce qu’on peut y trouver ? T-shirts, Polo shirts with sayings and logo For the moment, only 2 patterns …

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Mizuno RB566 golf balls review

When you think of a golf ball or a putter, Mizuno is rarely tops the charts. However, the Japanese brand takes its marks and makes its mark in the 2 sectors. Released in February 2020, the new Mizuno ball comes in 2 versions; the RB566 and the RB566 V. Fond …

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