Tired of your clubs? Change the headcovers

If you rarely buy new golf clubs or, on the contrary, you are more second-hand clubs, the headcovers are often worn out or even missing. Fortunately, there are a few brands that are breaking out of the game to bring us products that aren’t just black wood covers with a number on top. Playing a 4 wood, you can’t imagine the frustration of seeing only wood covers with the number 3 or 5 on them. But by looking we can find real replacements for our clubs.

Fillibegs, German tartan

Surprisingly, Fillibegs is a German brand that produces wood covers and tartan putter covers by hand. With a high standard of finish, don’t be “fooled” with the starting price. For a driver, you have to count around 60 euros.

With a wide choice of colors, the models remain limited but if you add these wood covers with a fabric bag 1 strap, the retro effect is guaranteed. And if you push the plug even further, the brand offers iron covers that obviously I will not go into detail here.

Fillibegs headcovers in a fabric bag.

Golf Team Clothing (GTC) for a uniform collection

With simpler designs, Golf Team Clothing offers driver and wood headcovers as well as putter covers. Always with prices around 60 euros for each protection, the variety of patterns will appeal to the greatest number, especially those who are not very tartan.

Every headcovers are hand made from water resistant Hydrotec fabric. Last detail you can customize the outer label. 3 colors are available; cream, navy blue and black. Something to perfectly match the pattern you have chosen.

Every designs are available across the entire product line. So you can find the perfect assortment of headcovers, towels and stick gloves. For example, in the gallery above, I selected an assortment that matches the color of my bag.

The American and flamboyant side with PRG Originals

Much more festive with flashy and embroidered patterns, the products presented below come from the PRG brand, a specialist in the personalization of golf related products.
The product list includes score card holders, ball markers, caps and also luggage.

The tastes and colors cannot be discussed. But if you prefer such patterns, no one will stop you. Unless it’s the lack of good faith evidence on the site. Let me explain. There is no page relating to the general conditions of sale, very little on the identity of the brand, and no list of payment methods is visible directly on the site or in the shop section. Therefore, it is difficult to be reassured. Most of the time, I contact customer service to find out if there is someone down the line asking them about delivery times or returns in case of faulty workmanship. Depending on the detail and the speed of the response, I can quickly know if I will order or not.

However, PRG Originals should have its documents on its site and not at the bottom of the “corporate” site .
The products look very good quality and durable. As I said, here it’s just a matter of taste.

Among these 3 brands offering very eclectic products, which cover will you fall for?
Leave your answer in the comments.

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