Preview of the Q-Star Tour Divide, the 2-colour golf ball

It took several months for the Q-Star Tour Divide to cross the Atlantic. The Srixon two-tone ball arrives in Europe and brings two-color golf balls back to life. Fashion effect or collector’s item? Here’s what you need to know about this commercial gamble.

A true (Q-)Star

All the attributes of the Q-Star Tour ball are included in this version.

  • New FastLayer core: for a soft touch.
  • A matte urethane envelope. The ball is molded in a soft urethane, the high contrast matte shell makes the spin visible and helps line up.
  • 338-Socket Pattern: Providing penetrating ball flight in all conditions, the 388-socket pattern increases ball range and reduces aerodynamic drag to maximize distance.

The specs definitely make you think of a mid-range golf ball. In fact, its price will be 40 euros per dozen. Or around 3 euros per ball. If you are looking for less while still having a soft touch. you still have the Pinnacle Soft or the very latest Mizuno RB566.

Visualise the movement of the golf ball

Such a division of colors provides visual assistance in all areas of the game. Whether putting, chipping or wedge strokes, visual feedback is immediate.

On the other hand, on long strokes, one of the colors is more likely to gain the upper hand. It will be necessary to test in more detail.

the 2-color Q-Star Divide
The yellow/red will come after the release of the yellow/orange

Other color variations are expected for the Q-Star Tour

First available in yellow and orange on July 15, 2021, it will take another month, August 15, 2021 to see the yellow-red and yellow-blue versions appear, priced at 40 euros per dozen.

Even if very few manufacturers have embarked on the manufacture of 2-color ball. The models that exist have become rare and expensive. The 2-color Ping Eye ball is trading around 80 euros per unit.
Something to think about. What if the Q-Star Divide becomes a collector’s item in a few years?

Ping eye 2
Ping Eye 2

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