Mizuno RB566 golf balls review

When you think of a golf ball or a putter, Mizuno is rarely tops the charts. However, the Japanese brand takes its marks and makes its mark in the 2 sectors. Released in February 2020, the new Mizuno ball comes in 2 versions; the RB566 and the RB566 V. Fond of to the Pinnacle Soft for its qualities, it was time to test the Mizuno and see it can be comparable to the Pinnacle Soft. Plus, I finally was able to get my hands on 2 dozen because they were on sale . So should we buy it now?

Riding on the success of last year of the RB Tour and the RB Tour X, Mizuno tries to infiltrate with the RB566, a new sector that of the dozen below 30 euros.

First contact: A unique look

For those who expected to see a comparison of a dozen different balls with rotational speed, range for each club, made with several tens of thousands of euros equipment, I am sorry to disappoint you. You won’t find anything like that here.

Here, we impersonate a mere amateur golfer, his perceptions and his possible affinity with the brand. This golfer plays regularly. He would like to change balls or want to play different.

This is how at my official supplier, I found during the sales period the 2 Mizuno RB566 dozen at 35 €. Used to the Pinnacle Soft, I told myself that for this price I could be unfaithful. With 1.45 € per unit, the Mizuno RB566 was becoming the favorite against 1.66 € per unit for the Pinnacle Soft.

Mizuno blue is really attractive. If you like blue.

With the blue box in hand, I dwell very little on the marketing speech written on the back of the box. The factors that hold my attention are basically the number of pieces and whether the brand qualifies it as soft.
I know so-called “soft” balls can lose distance, but a thud when chipping or putting helps to compensate.
In the case of the RB566, it’s a 2-piece with 566 dimples! For comparison, a Pro V1 has 352 dimples.

Is the ball bigger? Can’t be because of current regualtions. Then, how did they manage to put in more than 200 more dimples?

If you take a closer look, there are, according to a regular pattern, micro dimples between the main dimples. So do these 566 dimples help to make the ball flight longer and more consistent? Frankly, if that was the case everyone would play it, wouldn’t they?

A harder touch than the Pinnacle Soft

On the putting green as on short game within 30 meters and chips, the feel and sound at impact is harder than a Pinnacle Soft. On the other hand, and this is a personal feeling, it seems to give more control.

Available in 3 colors

With 3 colors available and I must admit that I would play willingly from time to time with an orange ball especially when certain area of the course are covered with daisies. The contrast with green or white makes it easy to find the ball. And if there are no flowers with white petals on the course, go for the yellow version.

RB566 in several colors
The RB566 is available in yellow, orange and white

Durability Test

Because we are not all pros, and the ball might get lost on the course, I am running a durability test by making 10 consecutive bunker shots with the same ball. Afterwards, I clean the ball and see if there are any deeper scratches or snags in the ball. In this case, I noticed some scratches on the ball but nothing that could not significantly affect the performance of the ball.

After 10 exits from the bunker, signs of wear appear.

Despite those scratches the golf ball is keeping the distance and can without a doubt lasts for 9 holes (or even more) without its enveloppe degrading.

To consider during a promo

If you are looking for a different look, mid range golf ball, the Mizuno RB566 may do the trick. To be purchased if it is under promotion. Does its price justify playing something different? Why not.

If you are looking for an even softer feel, I recommend you try the RB566 V at € 35 a dozen. On this ball, the additional cells are present both outside and inside the main dimples (see picture below).

RB566V a softer version
RB566V the softer version


General Look - 9.5
Feeling - 7.5
Durability - 6.5
Price - 6.5


A less soft touch than the Pinnacle soft but with a unique look.

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