Review: I wore GLANG golf apparel for a few weeks

Having a first glimpse of the products is good. But having the products in hand is better. Even if Maxime the founder of GLANG Golf made the bet to launch a new brand of golf clothing, he said to himself that it is not was not crazy enough like that. He sent me a hoodie, a t-shirt, and other stuff. But what interested me the most were the clothes. Is the promised quality there? And above all, do we have to wait for this level in the next collections?
An honest review with no joke.

Opening the GLANG golf package

A neat wrap and a unique experience

When I opened the package, I discovered a card with a note from Maxime. The hoodie and the t-shirt are wrapped in a paper sealed with a sticker covered with the logo of the brand. A careful packaging that makes you feel like you are part of something unique.

It’s time to wear the clothes. In the middle of summer, no problem for the T-shirt. On the other hand for the hooded sweatshirt it will be complicated. Fortunately, living in the Batavian regions, the month of July brought us temperatures below 15 degrees! A perfect opportunity to wear it out for a few days.

GLANG hoodie up close
High quality all along

Hoodie: Comfort and fitted cut

As soon as you take a closer look, you notice a higher quality.

To the touch, the sweatshirt is thick and soft. The seams are well finished and the cords are thick, finished with a metal end cap flanked with the brand name.

The embroidery is neat and precise. The value for money is perfect. For this price (75 €), we could not hope for better. The garment is long-lasting.

A fitted cut

If you like a fitted fit and your torso is made for, great. On the other hand if you have a “dad bod” (overweight) then taking the size above is recommended. I went for size XL and even if it fits me perfectly, I would have preferred to have a piece of clothing a little larger. In any case, the cut allows you to generate a swing without discomfort. And yes everything counts!

It’s a bit the same for the T-shirt.

T-shirt: Top quality with some details to review

The T-shirt is made of thick cotton, with licked finishes. With a straight cut, I won’t just warn those with a “dad bod”.

I only have one thing to say and that is about the embroidery. When you flip the T-shirt, you see the piece of fabric added to hold the embroidery. This detail is not immediately visible but contrasts negatively with the general superior quality of the garment. It slightly tarnishes the experience.

Last detail, I would have liked a reminder of the brand, a bit like on the hoodie and the tip of the cords. For example on one of the sleeves, or at the bottom of the t-shirt or even a very small logo at the top in the back.

Surely that does not stick with the brand. But since the logo represents the three basic trajectories of a ball, I thought that at the sight of the logo, a conversation could start between a curious, and this golfer who wears GLANG.

Should we fall for GLANG?

If you are looking for high quality clothing with a golf twist without going overboard, go here you won’t be disappointed. In addition, you support a French brand, which tries to do things differently.

In short, by buying GLANG, you have everything good.


Cut - 9
Comfort - 10
Quality - 9.5
Price - 8.5


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