How to earn World Golf Tour credits without breaking the bank?

Except for the qualifying events for the European eTour, where each player has the same equipment (except if he has better clubs and better balls …), it is difficult to progress in the pro tier on World Golf Tour. Whatever happens, you will have to spend a bit either to pay for better clubs or to renew your balls. Under this slightly touted title, I tell you how I was able to earn 9,700 credits with only a few euros of investment.

 Get free credits via offers

First, go to the mobile version of World Golf Tour. At the bottom left, tap on “Free Credits”. With 3 possible choices, let’s take a closer look at the offers.

First thing to do is to forget about the surveys. As attractive as the offers may be and for having worked in a marketing research agency, the respondent rarely receives his compensation after having finalized the survey. To not waste time, let’s look at the offers.

At first, I didn’t really believe it. If I download a game, reach a certain level and my WGT account is credited with 9703 credits! Anyway, I had nothing to lose. I decide to go for the game that has the biggest reward: King of Avalon. It is a strategy game and the reward is unlocked when the stronghold reaches level 19.

Screenshot of the game king of Avalon

Just over a month to complete the construction necessary to reach level 19.

I downloaded the King of Avalon game on December 17, 2019 and reached level 19 of the stronghold in just over a month. Before going into details, you should know that you have 2 months to reach this goal. With a few additional missions and longer construction times for buildings, speeding things up by spending a few euros seems compulsory.

You play as a lord who is part of an alliance in a fantasy world where creatures, magic and legends intertwine. You must advance your stronghold in order to gain more strength to fight the plagues that fall upon the kingdom.

Like all freemium models, when you start, all your actions are rewarded abundantly. The first levels are reached quickly. The constructions are fast and the level of the stronghold increases at a good rate. By avoiding other players’ attacks and bonuses, you reach level 13-14 easily. This is when everything becomes complicated, especially if your alliance is not active and the leader of the alliance does not build collective buildings. In addition, construction times are getting longer.

I said I would spend nothing and never mind.

13 euros spent for lack of patience.

Connecting to the game several times a day, doing the tests, maintaining and ordering the constructions, I quickly found myself blocked. I had to unlock the second construction team and buy resources to trigger the construction necessary to start the work on the fortress. In total, I spent €13,16.

What I spent to earn WGT credits
how much I spent for reach the level 19 of my stronghold

Once level 19 was reached, I launched WGT and looked at the open offers to see if I had been paid. The system automatically credits the WGT account and updates the status of the offer. I am a little relieved. I couldn’t imagine contacting support and going into an endless exchange of messages to claim my reward.

A breadcrumb compared to the prices in the WGT shop

Certainly, it is a sum. But if we compare with the prices charged by the WGT shop, I realize that if I had bought directly for 13 euros in the WGT shop, I would have had more or less 1300 credits.

pricing credits WGT
How much it cost to buy credits directly from the WGT shop
Except that today I have a little more than that. My WGT credit account shows more than 9000 credits. I would certainly have had to spend more than 90 euros in the WGT shop to reach this level.

To sum up, I spent 13 euros to earn €97 in just over a month. King of Avalon is not an extraordinary game and worth a detour, unless you are a fan of management games or like me a golf fan who had only one idea in mind get credits on WGT to progress faster.

I wanted to share this with you. I went through the experiment and now you just have to wait for the pro level to buy clubs. Except the putter which is already bought.

If you have a similar experience, tell me more in the comments!

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