The top 5 leather golf bags available in Europe

All players want the best in terms of equipment. And the golf bag is no exception. Trolley bag, carry bag, tour bag, everyone has their preference. Even though fiber bags wear out and break, they have their benefits like waterproof or isothermal pockets. Yes, but would not it be better a pretty patina rather than a crushed strap or a torn pocket?
Having a leather golf bag is a symbol of durability, but also craftsmanship of leather. With many brands available especially in the United States, here are some models that you can buy in Europe.

The Dunbar from Tom Morris 1848

Leather brand bag Tom Morris
Leather Golf Bag Dunbar from Tom Morris 1848

This bag is the most basic and simple of what can be on the market. With 2 simple pockets and a strap, however it is stylish and offers all the basic features of a golf bag. Sold on the site of Saint-Andrews by the brand Tom Morris 1848, it is available in one color.
After a few years to walk a course, the skating of the bag will be the most beautiful effect.

Price from 459 euros. (out of stock)

Location: Scotland.

Sun Mountain Carry and Stand Leather Bags

Sun Mountain offers 2 versions of its leather golf bag. Available in trolley bag and tripod bag and in 4 colors, this model is made of Yak leather.
The tripod bag includes 5 pockets including a cloth pocket for valuables. Very light, it holds up thanks to its 2 legs of carbon fiber. The trolley bag is very similar and weighs only 2 kilos. It can very well be worn directly.

The advantage of choosing Sun Mountain is to take advantage of the brand’s know-how while having a relatively low price. It remains a leather bag by all means.

Real Leather Studio

– more models of leather golf bag available
Founded in 1984, Real Leather Studio is a Spanish company specializing in the creation, development, and manufacture of leather goods. The company designs and manufactures many leather items for brands such as Mont Blanc, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy and Lanvin.
On the golf side, Real Leather Studio embarked on the adventure in 1996 with a collection of articles for the 1997 Ryder Cup in Valderrama. The success of this collection has resulted in other collections of logotypes such as the Volvo Masters, or the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

Today, the brand offers different models of leather golf bag. And the prices displayed include the shipping costs.

Backskin Golf small french production

Backskin Golf is a Pau-owned company run by Stéphane Bajenoff specializing in leather golf products. In the catalog, scorecard doors, woodcovers and grips. In very small production, the product is 100% French. The leather comes from the tannery of Espelette Rémy Carriat and assembled in the region of Pau. For a portable bag simple thong without tripod, it takes between 900 € and 1400 €.

You can find most of the production on Stephane’s FlickR account

The Oldangler Selective
the old hazard selector from florence

With the selective Old Danger, we go directly to the high end with a starting price of 2900 euros. In addition to an exemplary finish quality, the bag that still weighs 3.7 pounds embodies all the characteristics that can be expected of him until being water resistant. Small extra, each bag of the brand is sold with a nylon cover for extra protection against the rain.

Provenance: Florence, Italy.

Price: From 2900 euros.

Of course, buying a leather golf bag is an investment in the long run. And as you will keep it for a long time, it is necessary to choose wisely. From 375 to 2900 €, this selection is obviously exhaustive. During your research, you will be able to find other brands that are worth seeing. Through this list, I wanted to highlight the European leather crafts.
Feel free to send me your comments and experiences in the comments.

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