A french golf course among the 30 most beautiful courses on Earth

After reviewing several hundred courses, a travel agency specializing in golf, elected this year, a French golf course as the most beautiful courses in the world.

Specialized golf travel agencies or tour operators use them for promotional purposes for golfers and for other golf courses. Go and find out why in golf we always want to compare ourselves to one or the other.

Based on 4 types of criteria, the GolfScape agency has established this ranking of the 30 most beautiful golf courses in the world. As a tour operator, one might think that GolfScape favors its own customers. According to Jenna, the marketing manager “80% of the courses in the blog do not work with us.We chose the courses based on the following criteria: the services, facilities, location, and aesthetics of the course.”

Most often when we see this kind of ranking, we immediately imagine destinations out of reach in Asia or the Middle East, with the Arabian Peninsula in mind, but not only. This ranking is a priori neutral and based on (almost) non-subjective characters. Asia has the most courses in this ranking with 9 in total. Europe is right behind with 7. The country that wins the prize is South Africa. This country of golf counts here 4 courses. Despite this important South African contingent, the golf that is awarded the crown is none other than Sperone!

Built on the following motto: “This natural environment is too unique to be abandoned, too dignified to be brutally developed and too authentic to suffer from mediocrity”, architect Robert Trent Jones Sr carved Sperone to be one of the most 18 holes of the world.

Discover all 30 courses below. Feel free to click on the images to enlarge them.

Good slideshow ….

Il faut avouer que le parcours donne envie…surtout de mettre sa balle dans l’eau.

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