Which club and golf ball you need for street/urban golf?

Which club and which ball to choose for street and urban golf?

Want to give urban golf a try but you don’t know what equipment to choose? Bogeymag gives you some tips for a successful session.

The golf clubs

One of the advantages of urban golf is that you don’t need all the paraphernalia of traditional golf. Goodbye the traditional bag and its maximum of 14 clubs. A wedge and/or a short iron should do the trick.
First of all, the following elements must be considered:

  • Take second-hand golf clubs
    Why ?
    Most of the time you will be hitting bitumen or hard surfaces. The club sole will take a hit. In this regard, remember to add an identification mark on your clubs if you take more than one. After a few hits the number on the club sole will be indistinguishable.

urban golf clubs

  • Choose iron shafts
    Much more resistant than graphite handles, these should have a longer service life. I experimented with a graphite shaft and the clubhead tucked into the shaft cracking it!

Semi-rigid balls

Out of the question of using real golf balls. You would injure and break things that doesn’t belong to you. To avoid any damages, semi-rigid golf balls are recommended. After having tried many other brands, there is only one brand, that can provide you the best golf ball for urban golf.

almost golf balls

Almost Golf is the only company that offers ideal semi-rigid balls. Replicating almost identically with a little more float the flight of a golf ball, the distance covered will be less than a conventional ball. You just have to be careful with the direction of the wind. The touch is very light compared to a normal golf ball. Available in white, blue or yellow, something to delight all audiences.

Important information; forget the Ygolf balls from Decathlon or another alternative labeled “golf training”. They are just simple foam balls, completely unsuitable for street golf. Their flight will be so short that they will hardly be good for crisps.


Finally if you are a fan of branded goodies, you will find in the Almost Golf range all kinds of accessories to complete your collection, such as golf mats or hole packs containing a flag .

After any urban element can constitute a target.

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