First Glance at Michel Niedbala’s Book: Golf Course Architecture is the Art of Embracing Nature

Michel Niedbala, the man behind the Roissy golf course (France), took advantage of the pandemic that is eating away at us to release a promising book: Golf Course Architecture is the Art of Embracing Nature. In this exclusive book, the reader delves into the experience of the architect but also into a certain philosophy of the profession.

The origin-ality of the book

Michel Niedbala travelled the globe thanks to his golf course designs for over 30 years. His most recent accomplishment, the international golf course at Roissy, bears witness to all his experience. Michel wanted to share this accumulation of knowledge and know-how with us in a book.

But also, as he puts it so well “to put the church back in the center of the village” for his detractors and some opportunists, who know so well how to surf on the work of others without adding value to the industry.

The opportunity finally presented itself during our pandemic episode, which turned our lives upside down. Having more time, he wanted to use it to put his golf vision into words, and how he perceives things with his own sensitivity and his own experience.

Moreover, just leafing through and reading the first words, have found all the ingredients of this will. It is also clear that beyond creating a golf course, the architect’s decisions have an impact on the environment.

Another original feature, in addition to being a book on golf architecture in French, Michel offers us an English translation directly in the same book. A duality which gives the book an international reach.

Leaf through a few pages of the book

Where to buy the book?

The book is sold only by email via . And it is Michel Niedbala, the author himself who will process your orders.

Given the book’s exclusive character, so is its price. It takes € 75.00 (excluding packaging and shipping costs, around € 10.00 by Colissimo in mainland France). For those who would like to buy it from abroad, I can only advise to send an email directly.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to act quickly, because only 500 copies will be available for the first printing.

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