Overview of the Inesis 900 range finder

Inesis continues on its policy of making golf easier and more accessible. In February  2019, the Decathlon brand launches its first rangefinder; the Inesis 900. While one might expect a low end given, its price compared to the competition, the Inesis 900 is not lacking of features. But then compared to the Nikon CoolShot 20 which had expanded the market with a price of less than 200 euros, the new rangefinder Decathlon can it do even better? Can he make the Bushnell completely obsolete?

High range features for 150€

Looking more closely at the features of the device, we are surprised to see that slope compensation is included. At Bushnell it takes 400 euros to have such a feature. But that’s not all.

  • Point or continuous measurement
    One click and you have the distance. If you hold the button, you can scan and the distance will be updated in real time.
  • Slope function and compensated distance
    All golf courses are not flat. When the green is higher or lower than your position, the selected club is different than when the green is at the same level. The rangefinder provides the angle and displays a compensated distance. It is possible to disconnect this feature for instance, when you are competing.
  • Flag priority function
    With this function, more error possible to take into account the trees or vegetation at the bottom of the green. Not available on the Nikon CoolShot 20, I was often wrong distance and my ball ended sometimes in the bottom of the green.
  • Confirmation of measurement by vibration
    Convenient, this function could see a reduced battery life.

The device is not 100% waterproof but can withstand a fine rain.

The Inesis 900 Rangefinder from every angle

The design is very largely inspired by the classics of the market. We would have preferred other colors. It is only plastic parts. To tell the truth, the yellow will allow to find it in the bag, or if it were to go astray on the course.

Better than a Nikon Coolshot 20

With a retail price of € 150 and the slope compensation feature, the Inesis 900 rangefinder is a serious competitor not only to the Nikon CoolShot 20 but to all products available on the market. On paper, it’s hard to resist and finally to know the distance that separates your ball from the hole, without calculating by taking steps between the landmarks and where your ball is located.

It only remains to try to really know what it is worth on the course.

Try? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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