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Despite hurdles Major Ace is about to deliver their first gloves

livraison des premiers gants

Last may, golfers and avid accessories-lovers discovered through crowdfunding platforms, Major Ace the premium golf gloves at a very competitive price. But after months of intense promotion and advertising, the project, from the outside, seems to run out of steam and the backers start feeling fooled. Will they have either …

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Etiqus, a golf watch that is not a GPS

golf watch

When we think of a watch for golf, we expect a GPS watch that gives the distance to the flag and counts the score. But to tell the truth, there is no golfer’s watch as such, for pilots or divers. Based on this assumption, Gary Butler created Etiqus, a wristwatch …

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Clear, the PXG of the golf ball industry

High luxury golf ball Clear

Ed Brown has just taken the lead on Clear, a premium ball brand. At $68 a dozen, the former boss of Patrón tequilas and gentleman driver, wants to apply the recipe for his success for this golf ball. While Parson (PXG) did not want to make a ball because he …

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VLOG: a course is out of business? Let’s play it !

A closed golf course? Let's play it !

When Johnny from Urban Golf Unit tells me: “The course of Naarderbos (Netherlands) is closed, do you want to play it?”, it intrigued me. How to access the course if it is closed? In what state are we going to find him? All these questions must be answered in video. …

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Overview of the Inesis 900 range finder

Rangefinder Inesis 900

Inesis continues on its policy of making golf easier and more accessible. In February  2019, the Decathlon brand launches its first rangefinder; the Inesis 900. While one might expect a low end given, its price compared to the competition, the Inesis 900 is not lacking of features. But then compared …

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The top 5 leather golf bags available in Europe

leather golf bags in Europe

All players want the best in terms of equipment. And the golf bag is no exception. Trolley bag, carry bag, tour bag, everyone has their preference. Even though fiber bags wear out and break, they have their benefits like waterproof or isothermal pockets. Yes, but would not it be better …

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A french golf course among the 30 most beautiful courses on Earth

A french golf course among the 30 most beautiful golf courses.

After reviewing several hundred courses, a travel agency specializing in golf, elected this year, a French golf course as the most beautiful courses in the world. Specialized golf travel agencies or tour operators use them for promotional purposes for golfers and for other golf courses. Go and find out why …

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Test and review of the Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

Test and Review Pinnacle Soft Golf balls

The fashion is at soft balls, especially when you know that distance is not important for amateurs … I mean regarding the balls … for manufacturers of golf clubs it’s quite the opposite. But now it’s not the matter. My goal was to find soft balls that are effective and …

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